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04 Dec

Photograph by Hendro Alramy, ©Hendro Alramy Photograph by Hendro Alramy, 500px.com/hendro_alramy Location: Serpong, Indonesia Date: June 29, 2011 Camera: Nikon D90 Focal Length: 92mm Aperature: f/5 ISO: 500 Exposure: 1/80 sec Note: Hendro Alramy took this photo in Serpong, Indonesia.  I love the connection between the two subjects and suggests that a state of relaxation

30 Nov

©Gisli Agustsson Photograph by Gisli Agustsson, gillimann.500px.com Location: Reykjanes, Iceland Date: 2011 Camera: Nikon D80 Focal Length: 50mm Aperature: f/8 ISO: 160 Exposure: 1/800 sec Note: Gisli Agustsson captured this image of a geothermal plant near Keflavik airport in Reykjanes, Iceland. The image is very powerful and shows the amount of pollution some of the

18 Nov
Glow in the dark volcano

©Adam Stinton Photograph by Adam Stinton, AdamStinton.com Location: Montserrat, Caribbean Date: 2011 Camera: Nikon D300 Focal Length: 45mm Aperature: f/8 ISO: 200 Exposure: 97 sec Note: Adam Stinton captured the Sulphur Hills Volcano in Montserrat, Carribbean island, as it glows in the dark. The clear night sky was a perfect night for shooting. I love the

08 Nov
F-18 Vapor Cone

©Steve Skinner Photograph by Steve Skinner, svsimagery.smugmug.com Location: San Diego, California Date: 2011 Camera: Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XTi Focal Length: 235mm Aperature: f/8 ISO: 100 Exposure: 1/500 sec Note: Steve Skinner took this photo at an air show in San Diego, California. It’s incredibly hard to capture an F-18 flying at 600mph, but to

14 Oct
Aircraft Dreams X

©Andy Kampf Photograph by Andy Kampf, http://ak.refocus.de Date: May 29, 2010 Camera: Fuji Finepix S5 pro Focal Length: 300mm Aperature: f/13 ISO: 200 Exposure: 1/400 Note: Andy Kampf has shot this photo using Shutter priority. Shutter Priority refers to a setting that allows the user to choose a specific shutter speed while the camera adjusts