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29 Nov
The Great Escape

©Tony Flashman Photograph by Tony Flashman, TonyFlashman.blogspot.com Date: September 24, 2011 Camera: Nikon D300 Focal Length: 70mm Aperature: f/8 ISO: 640 Exposure: 1/1250 sec Note: Tony Flashman captured this image of an Common Kingfisher (Alcedo Atthis) trying to eat a river minnow.  The Common Kingfisher is usually not one to miss its mark, so this

11 Nov
Bald Eagle

©Igor Kovalenko Photograph by Igor Kovalenko, IgorkoValenko.500px.com Location: Mississippi River, Iowa Date: 2011 Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II Focal Length: 400mm Aperature: f/7.1 ISO: 640 Exposure: 1/2500 Note: Perfect picture for veterans day!! Igor Kovalenko captured this photo of a bald eagle on the Mississippi River in Iowa. The Bald Eagle is such an

26 Oct

©Klaus Fies Photograph by Klaus Fies, http://www.PixelDreamer.de Date: June 25, 2008 Camera: Nikon D200 Focal Length: 147mm Aperature: f/2.8 ISO: 400 Exposure: 1/3000 sec Note: Klaus Fies photo engages the audience with the level of detail in his composition.  Notice the wear and tear on the man’s helmet.  It suggests that he’s probably a seasoned