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16 May
11 “Dear Photograph’s”

Dear Photograph’s is a blog where user’s can submit a picture taken of an old photo in the same spot during the present day.  Some really cool and interesting stories these photograph’s tell. You can pick up the book which features 200 hand-picked photos from Amazon here (link). Click “Read more” to see additional photos.

08 May
11 Danbo Adventures

Danbo is Amazon’s spin off a fictional character from the comedy manga series Yotsuba&! (link) Amazon starting selling these not only because of the fans of the show, but they are frickin’ hilarious and adorable. Below are 11 funny, adorable and awesome adventures of Amazon’s “Danbo”.

13 Apr
11 Tilt-Shift Images

How did all that detail fit into such a tiny scene? Tilt-shift photography is a term that replicates miniature scenes using movements on small and medium format cameras.  Many common camera’s don’t have the ability to “tilt” the image plane (getting the image sharp) or “shift” (adjust the position of the image) to achieve this