11 Tilt-Shift Images

How did all that detail fit into such a tiny scene?

Tilt-shift photography is a term that replicates miniature scenes using movements on small and medium format cameras.  Many common camera’s don’t have the ability to “tilt” the image plane (getting the image sharp) or “shift” (adjust the position of the image) to achieve this blurry miniature effect.

This is done in present day photography through digital post-processing using programs such as Adobe Photoshop. Below are 11 excellent examples of tilt-shift photography at its finest.

tilt shift shed - victor eredel
Calm by ©Victor Eredel

tilt shift china
China Tilt Shift by ©Arnaud Moro

metro tilt shift alexandra petrova
Metro Tilt Shift ©Alexandra Petrova

minature ballooning tilt shift by steve skinner
Miniature Ballooning by ©Steve Skinner

truck yard tilt shift by Mariano Gonzalez
Truck Yard by ©Mariano Gonzalez

showband tilt shift by Jesse Drohen
Showband by ©Jesse Drohen

Tiny Airport tilt shift by Vladislavs Punculus
Tiny Airport tilt shift by ©Vladislavs Punculus

Tonnarella Dell Uzzo tilt shift by Andrea Dorliguzzo
Tonnarella Dell Uzzo by ©Andrea Dorliguzzo

Toy City tilt shift by Anton Zadrin
Toy City by ©Anton Zadrin

Toy Moscow Tilt Shift by Sergey Prozvitsky
Toy Moscow by ©Sergey Prozvitsky

Toy Trains Tilt Shift by Laimonas Ciunys
Toy Trains by ©Laimonas Ciunys

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