11 stunning sunset images

Golden Disc Aubrey Stoll
“Golden Disc” ©Aubrey Stoll

Light from within by Marc Adamus
“Light from within” ©Marc Adamus

Manhattenhenge by Alex Filatov
“Manhattenhenge” ©Alex Filatov

Walkers of the Sunset by Woosra Kim
“Walkers of the Sunset” ©Woosra Kim

Orange Balance by Simon Benedicic
“Orange Balance” ©Simon Benedicic

Period by Bill Church
“Period” ©Bill Church

Ready for a new day by Jean Pierre Perren
“Ready for a New Day” ©Jean Pierre Perren

Rock Climbing by Regy Kurniawan
“Rock Climbing” ©Regy Kurniawan

Solsviksundet by Tord Andre Oen
“Solsviksundet” ©Tord Andre Oen

St Paulis Church by B Korponay
“St. Paulis Church” ©B. Korponay

Sunset in Kruger by Mario Moreno
“Sunset in Kruger” ©Mario Moreno

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