11 Danbo Adventures

Danbo is Amazon’s spin off a fictional character from the comedy manga series Yotsuba&! (link) Amazon starting selling these not only because of the fans of the show, but they are frickin’ hilarious and adorable. Below are 11 funny, adorable and awesome adventures of Amazon’s “Danbo”.

1st day of school Danbo Pic
1st Day of School – ©Gary Ngo

Danbo playing PS3 photo
Danbo playing PS3 – ©Martin Royds

Danbo warms up by the fire photo
Danbo Warms Up – ©Matthew Huie

Endulgence Danbo eating Nutella Photo
Endulgence – ©Sean Cooper

Haven't Seen a Flower Before Danbo photo
Haven’t Seen a Flower Before – ©DM Maquiuz

Im Fishing Danbo Photo
I’m Fishing – ©Nova Fly

Just Like the Boys Danbo Photo
Just Like the Boys – ©Tori Licious

New Journey Danbo Photo
New Journey – ©Alex Ghorshkov

Nova Fly Danbo Picture
Nova Fly – ©Nova Fly

Walking Far Away Danbo on the Railroad Photo
Walking Far Away – ©Stanford Moore

Walking in the Snow danbo picture
Walking in the Snow – ©Alex Gorshkov

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