Quality Light Diffusers & Why you need to use them

I recently introduced speedlight’s in a previous post you can find here.

But to take that one step further, flash diffusers allow for our speedlight flashes to become softer, eliminating the harsh shadows that the light casts on to our subjects. There are two diffusers that you need to look into when you have the need to soften your lighting.

1. The Inexpensive STO-FEN Omnibounce product line of flash diffusers are lightweight, easily snap on, and are probably the best flash diffuser for your dollar. STO-FEN’s flash diffusers are product specific, meaning that you will need to know your speedlight’s make and model before ordering the part. You can pick them up at Adorama.com or BHPhoto for around $10-20.

2. The second flash diffuser is Gary Fong’s Collapsible Light Sphere. This light sphere allows you to not only direct the speedlight in a certain direction, but also allows light to come through the sphere at a full 360° circle. This makes shooting vertical and horizontal a breeze. See the video below. You can pick up Gary Phong’s Collapsible Light Sphere on GaryFongEstore.com for about $60. See the comparison below.

direct flash
©Gary Fong

gary fong light sphere
©Gary Fong

In conclusion, they both are awesome diffusers. Just see which one fits your shooting style best and your portraits will have a higher quality, professional look in no time.


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