The Gatekeeper

© Nagesh Mahadev

Photograph by Nagesh Mahadev,
Location: Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA
Date: 2011

Camera: Nikon D7000
Focal Length: 13mm
Aperture: f/2.8
ISO/Film: 6400
Shutter Speed: 30 sec
Flash: No
Tripod: Yes

Note: Nagesh took this photo of a watchtower in the south rim of the Grand Canyon. The Milky Way can be seen streaking across the clear night sky. The orange tones of the building adds great contrast between the watchtower and the starry sky. Nagesh could’ve filmed the milky way and the sky alone, but by shooting this image with the watchtower in the composition made this photo more interesting. Very nice shot.

Tip: To allow the proper exposure of the dark sky, a shutter speed (exposure) of 30 seconds was used. Nagesh also increased the film speed (ISO) to 6400 to allow more light into properly expose the photograph. A tripod is used when shooting slower shutter speeds to avoid unintentional blurriness.

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