Resume Speed

© Mike Cialowicz

Photograph by Mike Cialowicz, (portfolio), (blog)
Location: Government Center, Boston, Massachusetts (google maps) (wiki)

Date: 2011
Camera: D90 (amazon)
Focal Length: 16mm
Aperture: f/6.3
ISO/Film: 3200
Shutter Speed: 2/5 sec
Tripod: Yes

Note: Mike Cialowicz took this photo under the Government Center, Green Line subway Station Tracks in Boston, Massachusetts. This corner looks to be the final turn before “resuming speed” for the subway train. Lighting in the subway creates nice symmetry and when shot correctly can produce a nice result. Nice urban feel to this capture!

Tip: When shooting in dark areas, a lower shutter speed (wiki) will allow more light into properly expose the dark areas in your photo. Also increasing your ISO, ‘film speed’ (wiki), will allow your exposure to be more sensitive to light, but increase to high and you will find it will reduce the quality of your photo with noise or grain.

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