Prairie Dog and Starling redux

© Scott Spaeth

Photograph by Scott Spaeth,
Location: St. Louis Zoo, Missouri, USA
Date: 2011

Camera: Nikon D700
Focal Length: 400mm
Aperature: f/5.6
ISO/Film: 640
Shutter Speed: 1/320 sec

Note: Scott Spaeth captured this funny moment of a Starling trying to take a Prairie Dogs lunch. You can almost instantly tell when a photo is captured at a zoo, but when you look at this photo, it looks so natural. The high depth of field lets you focus on the two subjects in their hilarious encounter. This Starling is submitting to the Prairie Dog as if a dog would submit to their owner for a treat. I love the contrast between the prairie dog and the dark background. Funny and nice capture!

Tip: Scott used a a telephoto zoom lens to get close to the action. When using a telephoto zoom lens, it’s key to use a higher shutter speed (exposure) to avoid blurriness of the subjects. When capturing an unexpected moment, it’s useful to use the burst mode on your camera to capture multiple shots per second so you don’t miss a shot like this.

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