Park hyatt aerial

© Latheef

Photograph by Latheef
Location: Park Hyatt, North Huvadhoo, Maldives
Date: September 14, 2011

Camera: Nikon D3
Focal Length: 48mm
Aperture: f/7.1
ISO/Film: 500
Shutter Speed: 1/2000 sec

Note: Latheef took this aerial photo of the Park Hyatt Hotel in North Huvadhoo, Maldives (wiki link). This aerial shot captures the natural beauty which surrounds the islands in the region. There is so much detail from the white sand to the small boats porting on the north side of the photo. The sunlight’s reflection off the water is only seen on the right side of the photo, which adds some interest and depth to the water. Very nice aerial capture!

Tip: Shooting at a higher shutter speed (exposure, wiki link) of 1/2000 of a second, ensured to freeze the island action in the photo without any blur. Latheef also closed (increased) the aperture to 7.1 to allow less light into the frame. When shooting in bright conditions, use a higher (faster) shutter and aperture setting to properly expose the photo. (The higher the aperture and shutter speed, less light will enter the photo).

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