Just Another Leaf

© Mike Fuhr

Photograph by Mike Fuhr, (portfolio)
Location: J.T. Nickel Preserve, Cherokee county, Oklahoma, USA (google maps) (wiki)
Date: October 22, 2011

Camera: Nikon D300 (Amazon)
Focal Length: 360mm
Aperture: f/6.3
ISO/Film: 400
Shutter Speed: 1/250 sec
Tripod: Yes

Note: Mike Fuhr captured this snake at the J.T. Nickel Preserve in Cherokee county, Oklahoma. I love the way snake looks as if he is a leaf. The leafs show some nice symmetry with each other, while the snake is bending the opposite way which creates a great focal and interest point to the photo. The soft solid background ties into making the snake and leafs the main focal point of the photo. Excellent shot and composition!

Tip: The angle of this shot played a huge part in this photo. Mike made sure the background was not distracting and lined up the camera at an angle that didn’t include branches behind the snake. By setting the Aperture wide enough allowed him to keep the subject’s head in focus while still getting the necessary blur. The day was mostly overcast, which made for nice soft lighting.

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