First Winter II

© Ben Torode

Photograph by Ben Torode, (portfolio)
Location: Jigokudani, Nagano, Japan (google maps) (wiki)
Date: December 24, 2011

Camera: Sony Alpha A900 (Amazon)
Focal Length: 135mm
Shutter Speed: 1/640 sec
Aperture: f/2
ISO/Film: 200

Note: Ben Torode captured this photo in a hot spring located in Nagano, Japan. This hot spring, Jigokudani, is a known hot spots for Snow Monkeys. Starting in the early 60’s, the monkeys descended from the high elevations during the day to lounge in the hot springs waters. In the evenings, they return to the security the forest provides. The close up focal length of this baby monkey captures the feeling of warmth that the spring provides by the emotion on the monkey’s face. Love the reflection in the water, very nice moment to capture!

Tip: When shooting subjects in water, a reflection can add an element of interest. Using a low Aperture (f/2), allowed for the subject to have a blurry foreground and background, drawing your attention to the subject.

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