Distant Storms (iPhone)

© Emily Rose

Photograph by Emily Rose, (portfolio)
Location: Brighton Beach, Lake Superior, Minnesota (google maps) (wiki)
Date: 2011

Camera: iPhone 4 (Amazon)
Aperture: f/2.4

Note: Equipped with an iPhone 4, Emily Rose captured this photo of her daughter and a bird on Brighton Beach, Lake Superior, Minnesota. A storm had recently passed through, giving the sky some unique tones. By focusing on the distant background allowed for the foreground subjects to be underexposed, giving them a nice silhouette. This proves that digital photography has come along way to capture moments like this on our phones. Excellent Capture!

Tip: When capturing photos on the iPhone, tap on different parts of the screen to focus on your subjects. When you tap on a certain section of the screen, the camera also adjusts the exposure. Tap in the dark area of a photo and it will become brighter. Tap on the lighter areas of the photo and it will expose and darken your photo. Tap around and play with the exposure to get a unique shot like Emily’s.

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