Dark Passage

© Guillermo Carballa

Photograph by Guillermo Carballa, (portfolio)
Location: Spain (google maps) (wiki)
Date: January 16, 2012

Camera: Olympus Imaging CORP. E-1 (Amazon)
Focal Length: 22mm
Aperture: f/8
ISO/Film: 100
Shutter Speed: 1/13 sec
Tripod: Yes

Note: Guillermo Carballa captured this picture of a man walking on a path in a rugged forest. Very cool atmosphere created with the fog and low ambient warm tones. The vines growing up the chain link fence and the beaten path add to the ruggedness of the composition. Excellent mood and capture!

Tip: Guillermo’s shutter speed (wiki) was set to 1/13 of a second to allow more light into the camera. A tripod is needed when using a slower shutter speed to avoid unintentional blurriness.

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