A Boy and His Monkey

© Adam Shane

Photograph by Adam Shane, (portfolio)
Location: Roos n Moore Animal Sanctuary, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (google maps) (Business Site)
Date: May 10, 2010

Camera: Nikon D700 (amazon)
Focal Length: 14mm (wide angle)
Aperture: f/4
ISO/Film: 640
Shutter Speed: 1/4000 sec

Note: Adam Shane shot this photo on assignment for BLVDS magazine in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s a square format magazine and they wanted a simple colorful image for the cover of their Family, Kids and Pets issue. He shot this at Roo’s and More, a non-profit animal sanctuary located in the deserts of Nevada. Very nice portrait and capture for the magazine.

Tip: Adam described this as a simple shot, but it proved to be difficult working with the monkey. He was very close to the subjects with his 14-24mm wide angle lens. The monkey slapped his lens a few times with it’s wet paw. The front element (lens size) is too big to accommodate a UV filter for protection, so he was terrified that it would scratch the lens which was only a few months old at the time. Luckily, there was no damage done and Adam was able to capture the moment. The shutter speed (wiki link) needed to be set to a higher number to avoid any blurriness due to the fact that the monkey wasn’t going to sit still.

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