Featured Artist: Alisdair Miller

Alisdair Miller was born and raised in Zimbabwe where he studied commercial art and design. It was in advertising where Alisdair learned most of his photographic skills by working on many large advertising campaigns with many top professional photographers from around the world. He currently works as a creative in an Ad Agency in Dubai.

Miller’s has an excellent eye and attention for detail. See more of his work on here. All images © Alisdair Miller.

Sunny child in field

Starry night spinning sky

Fish Oils

City Light Streaks

Futuristic BMW Photoshoot Autoshow

Sunset over Bridge

Rally Car racing over sand dunes

fog rolling into the city

vintage pilot girl

girl running at dusk on the beach

vintage car ride

dubai tower workers

desert light trails

futuristic bmw photoshoot autoshow

lightning over city

girl on the beach at dusk 2

street photography old man

girl in wheat field

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