Difference Between Saturation vs. Vibrance

If you have ever edited images, you have noticed some adjustment sliders labeled “saturation” and “vibrance”. Upon quick adjustments, they both seem to do the same thing. But they both have their differences and use of application. Read more to see the difference between saturation and vibrance.

Saturation enhances all the colors in a photo, while vibrance increases the colors that are not as saturated. I used a combination of vibrance and saturation to achieve a look that was more colorful, but more natural.



Increased Saturation Only (red bricks are on fire)


Increased Vibrance & Slight Saturation (natural look to bricks, while still getting the sky deep blue)

In conclusion, it’s best to play with both of the adjustments to get the best results. I see some photographers increase the saturation in a photo to increase the color of the sky, the ocean, or some other object. But as you can see in my final photo, If I were to increase the overall saturation in my photo to saturate the sky, it makes the bricks on the building seem as if they were on fire.

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